JNJ pause, bank earnings preview, bitcoin ATH

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Oil higher, gold stronger, CPI rises

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US inflation rises, euro edges higher

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AUD yawns, business conditions strong

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NZD dips ahead of RBNZ rate decision

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RBNZ Preview: A Warning for the Rest of the World?

Given the magnitude of the Great Financial Crisis, it’s understandable that traders still have concerns about a potential meltdown of the housing market in any place in the world. In fact, by some measures, we still haven’t recovered from the GFC. Most central banks in […]

Surfing the Waves with Gregor Horvat: EURUSD​, USDCAD​, USOIL​ & more!

In today’s advanced Elliott Wave​ analysis Gregor dives into the five most interesting opportunities for the week ahead! Watch how he analyses equities​, FX majors​, and commodities​ and discover how he applies EW​ principles to come up with his amazing forecasts! Timestamps EURUSD​ 00:25​ USDCAD​ […]

Microsoft’s $20bn Tech Acquisition

Microsoft​ plans to buy a tech firm in a deal valued at almost $20 billion. The purchase of Nuance​ Communications​ is the second-largest in Microsoft’s history, after its acquisition of networking site LinkedIn​ in 2016. Apple​ is facing a possible supply shortage of its displays […]

Oil rises on China data, gold vulnerable

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Europe trades broadly higher, FTSE lags on GDP

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