Celebrating the Repeal of the Corn Laws

One week from today – June 25th – is the 175th anniversary of the repeal of the corn laws. On June 25th, 1846, the Duke of Wellington persuaded the House of Lords to join the House of Commons in repealing Britain’s protective tariffs on grain […]

Chinese Direct Foreign Investment Declines Sharply

Chinese language funding abroad really scored a 13-year low in 2020 because of COVID and the rising tensions of financial uncertainty because the West tries to stress China to affix the Nice Reset. Even the pandemic-related journey restrictions curtailed put an enormous barrier to international […]

We Can 99% Guarantee You’ve Never Seen a Cutout Skirt Like Kendall Jenner’s

Half one of many Holding Up With the Kardashians reunion aired Thursday evening, and although we have been enthralled by the flood of revelations the well-known household unpacked with Andy Cohen, we could not assist however really feel barely distracted by Kendall Jenner’s outfit. The […]

Some Non-Covid Links

My GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan was interviewed on PBS about his book (illustrated by Zach Weinersmith), Open Borders. My Mercatus Center colleague Liya Palagashvili moderated this discussion, on immigration, among Chandran Kukathas, Alex Nowrasteh, Adam Cox, and Robert Krol. GMU Econ student Agustin Forzani […]

International Sushi Day: 9 Insanely Delicious (And Healthy!) Sushi Recipes

Eating out for sushi generally is a actual indulgence if you find yourself on a weight reduction plan. Between the deep-fried tempura and sugary sauces, a number of the hottest rolls can spell full weight loss plan sabotage. The excellent news is which you can […]

The Week Ahead – ‘Transitory’ is the Word to Contain Sell-Off

EURUSD tanks on US taper hint The US dollar surged after the Fed signaled two potential rate hikes in 2023. The central bank’s switch to a hawkish stance came in sooner than expected and took markets by surprise. The next logical step would be to […]

StockWatch: Wall Street Banks Push for Return to Work

Some CEOs of Wall Street’s top investment banks are expecting all employees to be back at the office by the end of the year. Top chiefs have stated ‘if you can go to a restaurant in New York City, you can come into the office’. […]

10 Friday AM Reads

My end of week morning train WFH reads: • Crypto Die-Hards Built a $90 Billion Wall Street on the Internet Automated protocols running on the internet are paying traders to provide liquidity for unregulated, decentralized markets. (Businessweek) • How to Have a Roaring 2020s (Without […]

USDCHF Eyeing 0.935 Following Zigzag Completion

The current USDCHF formation suggests that the bullish intervening wave x of a cycle degree has completed. Then the market began to move in a downward direction within the cycle actionary wave z. Most likely, wave z will be simple in shape and will have […]

1935 Auburn 851 Speedster

Another Spring cabriolet for open-air driving: The Auburn Speedster was a powerful, affordable, stylish car. The design was gorgeous, Art deco influenced, with sweeping body lines. It featured the streamlined boat tail body, and (aluminum or chrome?) exhaust pipes on the passenger side, immense curvaceous […]