How to trade forex?

How to trade forex for beginners. Before we talk about how you can trade Forex, I will first tell you a bit more about what the Forex market is exactly. What is Forex? / How to trade forex. Forex is short for Foreign Exchange.Think of […]

StockWatch: IBM’s Chip Breakthrough

IBM​ said it has made a significant breakthrough in its computer​ processors​ by creating a 2-nanometre chip. The test chip can reportedly improve performance by 45% and could quadruple phone battery life. So, will there now be a chip war? As we have seen for […]

Which Commodities are Set for a Bull Run and Why?

Even a casual look at the quarterly reports that have been coming out during the latest earnings season shows that inflation is looming. Many companies report that they are seeing increasing prices from their suppliers, and are actively hedging against inflation. It’s pretty much fact […]

SPX500 Cycle Trend To Complete Near 4643.1

The SPX500 index seems to be forming a large impulse V of a cycle degree. At the time of writing, the impulse V has completed the primary sub-waves ①-②-③-④. From November 2020 to the present day, the price is rising within the primary fifth wave. […]

Intraday Market Analysis – US Dollar Fails to Find Support

USDCHF tanks to new lows The US dollar falls as higher continuing jobless claims point to volatility in the labour market. The bearish MA cross from the daily chart is a reminder of the US dollar’s weakness across the board. The latest consolidation has ended […]

Will the April Non-Farm Payrolls Actually Beat Expectations?

For the last couple of months, the NFP has handily beaten estimates. The suggestion is that it’s a sign the US economy is normalizing faster than expected. That can be attributed to a steady increase in the pace of vaccination. But the fact that it’s […]

StockWatch: Google and Goldman Outline Return to Offices

Google’s chief executive has sent an email to employees encouraging them to return to work in the office for at least three days a week as lockdowns​ ease. Google​ was one of the first companies to offer to work from home when the pandemic​ struck […]

XAUUSD Impulsive Structure Hints To Upside

The XAUUSD structure indicates that a bearish corrective wave (4) has ended. A rise in a new bullish impulse formed the minor waves 1 and 2. Minor wave 3 is currently under development with the structure schematically on the chart. With wave 3 rising, prices […]

Intraday Market Analysis – USDCAD Struggles to Bottom Out

USDCAD reaches a 3-year low The US dollar remains under pressure as downbeat ADP jobs data fails to impress the market. General sentiment remains bearish as the pair grinds down along the 30-day moving average. The price action is about to test the February 2018 […]

Surfing the Waves with Gregor Horvat; EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD & More!

In today’s advanced Elliott Wave​ analysis Gregor dives into the five most interesting opportunities for the week ahead! Watch how he analyses equities​, FX Majors​, and Commodities​ and discover how he applies EW​ principles to come up with his amazing forecasts! Timestamps EURUSD​ 01:10​ GBPUSD​ […]