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Jay Bhattacharya on Uncommon Knowledge

Hoover’s Peter Robinson does an excellent job of interviewing Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya on various aspects of the COVID pandemic and lockdown. I recommend the whole thing: it’s all informative, especially for those who might have forgotten what facts about the pandemic “we” were pretty sure […]

How nationalism blinds us

I often have conservations with people about protectionism. One common complaint I hear is that America is a free trader that plays by the rules, whereas foreign countries are protectionist and don’t play by the rules. In fact, the exact opposite is more nearly true. […]

The Biden Full Court Press Against Economic Freedom

I’ve been following economic policy closely since Richard Nixon’s assault on economic freedom with his August 15, 1971, economywide price controls. While there have been ebbs and flows in economic freedom in the fifty years since then, I have never seen anything like the full […]

Coyotes in Stanley Park: Part 2

Read Part 1 here. There have been numerous instances of people being bitten by coyotes in Stanley Park, the Jewel in the crown of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation together run, own, […]

Yes, political polarization has gotten much worse

In a recent post, I discussed some reasons why political polarization has become much worse in recent years. In the comment section, I was startled to see people deny that polarization had actually become much worse. (Perhaps some commenters are too young to recall the […]

Can Facebook’s Name Change Move the Stock?

Social media was abuzz on Wednesday after The Verge broke a story that Facebook was planning to change its name as part of a rebranding strategy. Technically, it wouldn’t be the first time that the company changed its name, since it originally started as “The […]

Podcast: What’s Next for the Dow?

The Dow has been in the spotlight for the past few trading sessions. Not only has it hit the 35K handle, but the index is also pushing for record highs once again. With American job numbers looking good, retail sales in positive territory, and the […]

The Week Ahead: Market expects Hawkish Shift from ECB

EURUSD recovers as ECB taper pressure grows The euro bounces back as markets expect a more aggressive stance from the ECB. Now that growth within the bloc has almost recovered to the pre-pandemic level, the ECB is one of the last major central banks to […]

Who Will Replace Jerome Powell as Fed Chairman?

The conventional wisdom is that the longer the President waits to confirm the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the more likely it is that there will be a replacement. Generally, the idea is to reassure markets about continuity, to minimize uncertainty. If the President has […]

EURUSD Impulse Likely To End At 1.2268

EURUSD eyes the development of a large bullish impulse. This impulse consists of intermediate sub-waves (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5). Most likely, the construction of an intermediate correction (4) has recently ended. This has a complex internal structure of a triple zigzag W-X-Y-X-Z of the minor degree. After the […]