More Populist Deregulation

Co-blogger Bryan Caplan had an excellent post on December 1 in which he argued that there is some low-hanging for regulations that could be eliminated. It’s low-hanging in the sense that a strong can be made for deregulation and that the case could be popular. […]

Kowtowing to the CCP

There has been recent criticism of US business leaders who give in to pressure from the Chinese government. JP Morgan’s CEO recently apologized for making an innocuous joke about the Chinese Communist Party. Here’s another example of a controversial statement: The billionaire investor Ray Dalio […]

The politics of “right to die”

The Economist has an interesting story on laws allowing for physician assisted dying for people with certain health conditions. The first such law was passed in Northern Australia back in 1995. More recently, many other jurisdictions have adopted similar laws. This map caught my eye:With […]

Are taxes the price we pay for civilization?

Autumn is usually the time when countries’ parliaments try to reach an agreement on the amount of taxes to be paid during the twelve months of the coming year. If, as many people seem to believe, “taxes are the price of civilization,” this seems to […]

Great Moment in Shetland

My wife and I finished the first season of the crime drama Shetland on Amazon Prime and are now onto the third season. (It seems that they skipped Season 2.) In the first episode of Season 3, there’s a great scene where one person lays […]

GBP/JPY – A major test below

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