The Power of Money: Lessons from Introducing Digital Currency to a Barter Community

Michael Wong of MIT on this attention-grabbing paper: I examine how digital forex issuance by a non-public on-line platform affected the alternate of used items in a big North American barter neighborhood. For the reason that neighborhood banned money, customers initially relied on beer, present […]

Thanks, It’s New: 21 Items Our Editors Added to Their Closets This Month

Buying inspiration, anybody? Properly, no one requested, however I am actually delivering in any case. With a dizzying variety of new items hitting the market, it may be downright intimidating to peruse what’s on the market within the hopes of making a bit of wardrobe […]

Figure of the week: Education participation rates in Africa increase, with some caveats

By Tamara White On September 18, the African Union, in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) released the report, “Transforming Education in Africa,” an evidence-based overview of education in the region. The report highlights progress the continent has made on education indicators, such […]