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This maybe a violation of Cowen’s second law, but my cursory examination turns up no useful hits in PubMed about FDA credibility. We have the odd op-ed, some drivel about people thinking the FDA is more credible about cigarettes when they learn that FDA regulates […]

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s New Discussion with Scott Atlas, Jay Bhattacharya, and Martin Kulldorff

Infamously, YouTube removed the video of Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s mid-March roundtable discussion with Scott Atlas, Jay Bhattacharya, Sunetra Gupta, and Martin Kulldorff. Thus, the video of this discussion is, alas, no longer available at Cafe Hayek – but here’s my original link to it. […]

Tuesday assorted links

1. Once again, the world is more right-wing than you think. Even Stanford academics. And these ants shrink their brains for a chance to become queen (NYT). 2. World’s longest rabbit theft moral hazard? (NYT): “Darius was insured for $1.6 million and traveled with a […]

The Covid culture that is Australia

Health Minister Greg Hunt has refused to guarantee Australia’s borders will open even if the whole country has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Australia’s borders have been shut since March 2020 and will remain closed until at least the middle of June, leaving more than 36,000 […]

Or Read Robert Higgs

Here’s a letter to a new correspondent: Mr. M__: I fervently hope that you are right that I am wrong when, as in this essay, I predict that most of the powers seized by governments in the name of fighting Covid-19 will remain in place […]

Accessing Losses via Direct Indexing

In 2019, Ritholtz Wealth Management was one of five beta testers of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management new direct indexing software, Canvas. As Chair of RWM’s Investment Committee, I wanted to share my experiences – about direct indexing generally, Canvas specifically, and what future opportunities this form […]

Hearing: “Vaccinations and the Economic Recovery”

I will be testifying to the JEC of Congress today at 2:30 pm est. Witnesses: Dr. Paul RomerNobel Prize Winning economist and NYU ProfessorNew York, NY Dr. Céline Gounder, MD, ScM, FIDSAClinical Assistant Professor of Medicine & Infectious Diseases, NYU School of Medicine & Bellevue […]

10 Wednesday AM Reads

My mid-week morning train WFH reads: • How People Get Rich Now In 1982 the most common source of wealth was inheritance. Of the 100 richest people, 60 inherited from an ancestor. By 2020 the number of heirs had been cut in half, accounting for […]

Some Covid Links

Great Barrington Declaration co-author Jay Bhattacharya, writing in the Wall Street Journal, justly decries the mindless masking of children and the Orwellian muzzling of dissenting scientific voices on Covid-19. A slice: Consider also data from Sweden, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in […]

Quotation of the Day…

… is from pages 98-99 of University of Notre Dame philosopher James Otteson’s excellent and hot-off-the-Cambridge-University-Press book, Seven Deadly Economic Sins (2021): [T]he “Great Mind Fallacy,” or GMF … has two aspects. Its first is to believe that there is some person or group of […]