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Keyhole Solutions: The Song

When you do a Jack Stafford podcast, he writes and records an original song inspired by the interview. Are you ready for “Keyhole Solutions: The Song”? No joke! P.S. The actual podcast is here. Original Article

Is Amazon a Corporate Mother Teresa?

Amazon is in many ways a fascinating company and deserves to be defended against most of its mainstream critics. However, it would be simplistic to explain its campaign for a $15 federally-imposed minimum wage by identifying it with a corporate Mother Teresa. Its more obvious […]

Exxon Holding Above Key Support

Shares in Exxon Mobil have paused in their recent ascent. The energy company’s stock prices continue to hover around the 55.39 level following a break above it last week. Shares recovered from a brief dip below the level this week to trade back north of […]

Can We Expect NFP to Grow Again?

One of the events that could potentially reverse (or at least slow) the decline in the dollar, is better jobs data. There have been a few fundamental signs from the US which have led the markets to be a little nervous, but the dollar hasn’t […]

USOIL Zigzag To Complete Cycle Correction Near 53.58

USOIL hints at a global cycle impulse that consists of sub-waves I-II-III-IV-V. Impulsive wave III completed its pattern. It was formed by the primary sub-waves ①-②-③-④-⑤. Currently, cycle wave IV which is under development may have the form of a standard Ⓐ-Ⓑ-Ⓒ zigzag. In the […]

The Markets in Waves: H&S Pattern Appears in 4 Assets?

Welcome to the Orbex​​ daily Elliott Wave​​ update! In today’s video, our Head of Investment Research Stavros Tousios dives into the top opportunities the markets​​ have in store for us. Asset TimeStamps are as follows: – AUDUSD​ 01:25​ – NASDAQ​ 03:20​​ – USOIL​ 05:10​ – […]

Intraday Market Analysis – Tough Resistance

GER 30 recoups February losses Easing Treasury yields have put a floor on global stock markets for now. The DAX 30 is making another attempt at February’s high of 14180 after it broke through intermediate resistance levels of 13990 and 14070. The RSI is yet […]

I Hereby Resign as an Expert on Systemic Racism

Many of the comments on my post yesterday, “Bernie Sanders, Minimum Wage, and Systemic Racism,” March 1, were particularly good. They have convinced me that I need to walk back some of the things I said. Like most people, I hate to admit that I’m […]

The confidence man

A few months back, Alex Tabarrok criticized the delay in approving the new vaccines: I am getting very angry at people like Anthony Fauci who say that FDA delay is necessary or useful to alleviate vaccine hesitancy. Fauci told Fox News that the FDA “really […]

My Social Media Experiment: A Self-Assessment

Early last year, I foresaw the epistemic horrors of the impending 2020 election, so I made this pledge. Near the end, I asked Jonathan Haidt a question on twitter, and I impulsively responded to his answer. I’d call that a clear violation of my pledge, […]