Thomas Sowell on the Vision of the Anointed

In this 1995 interview with Ben Wattenberg, Thomas Sowell discusses the thesis of his then-new book, The Vision of the Anointed: Comments Original Article

Some Non-Covid Links

Inspired by my late, great colleague and dear friend Walter Williams, my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy wisely counsels that we keep an eye on the many negative effects, on low-skilled workers, of minimum-wage diktats. A slice: Workers who didn’t have a job […]

Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 2 of Thomas Sowell’s slim yet significant 1981 volume, Markets and Minorities: A mere jumble of beliefs and facts is not theory or hypothesis-testing. It is possible to select – in retrospect – facts consistent with almost any belief. Comments Original […]

Again, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is or Shut Your Mouth Up

This young economics major is confident that the case against raising the minimum wage is (his words) “elitist apologetics”: Mr. A___: Continuing to make the case for raising the national hourly minimum wage to $15, you assert – in response to my last letter – […]

Some Covid Links

Dan Hannan laments the destruction of the liberal order now in full swing. A slice: “Free trade, the greatest blessing a government can bestow on a people, is in almost every country unpopular”, wrote Lord Macaulay in 1824. Since then, average global incomes have risen, […]

Quotation of the Day..

… is from page 282 of Albert Jay Nock’s 1943 essay “Liberalism, Properly So Called,” as it is printed in Liberty Fund’s 1991 collection of some of Nock’s essays – a collection titled The State of the Union: Essays in Social Criticism (Charles H. Hamilton, […]

Life – “Life” – Under Covid Derangement Syndrome

How can anyone look at this photo from a high school in Washington state and not immediately realize that society’s response to Covid-19 is deranged? That it’s derangedly disproportionate? How can a sane human being learn that healthy young people, who are at virtually no […]

“Education” in America Today

Here’s a letter to a high-school junior who reads my blog. (Smart kid! Mr. J__ C__ Dear J__: Thanks for your e-mail. You correctly predict that I disagree with your teacher’s claim that (as you quote her) “America is the most racist, class structured society […]

Tyranny Is Always Initially Tolerated, Even Welcomed, By Its Victims

I’m honored that AIER produced this video version – narrated by Kate Wand – of my December 14, 2020, essay, “Tyranny During Its Reign Is Unrecognized by Its Victims.” Comments Original Article

Being Reckless with Other People’s Lives

This economics-student correspondent of mine is determined to find justification for minimum wages: Mr. A___: You describe as “wise” Rep. Ro Khanna’s assertion that – as you describe it – “businesses that can’t afford to pay at least $15 an hour shouldn’t be in business […]