Risk rally

Chart of the Day – GBPUSD – (October 19th, 2021)

The GBPUSD is within close proximity of the 200dma, and just below that was today’s highs at the 50% retracement at the 1.3829 level. Overnight, the risk may be for a probe into the 200dma, but the bears may attempt to hold the 200dma to […]

Chart of the Day – Gold – (October 13th, 2021)

For weeks it has seemed no matter what happened gold went nowhere. But today was different! Gold broke higher out of a month long consolidation and looks to have developed an inverted head and shoulder pattern. The neckline was at the 1782 level and we […]

Chart of the Day – IWM – (October 12th, 2021)

The mid cap stock market is represented by the Russell 2000 (or IWM) has been in a tight trading range for all of 2021. That range is tightening in a triangle as the 200dma weaves inside the consolidation. This is a receipt for a big […]

Chart of the Day – USDJPY – (October 11th, 2021)

The USDJPY broke higher out of a long term consolidation. When a move like this happens people want to know: 1) Will it continue? 2) Should I be a buyer? Today, I don’t think the answers are very straightforward. To address the first question I […]

Chart of the Day – DXY – (October 7th, 2021)

It’s only fitting ahead of the NFP tomorrow for the #DXY to have a setup against key resistance. The US Dollar is trading just shy of the 52 week high put in last month and we have developed a bullish wedge. The reason why this […]

Chart of the Day – AUDNZD – (October 6th, 2021)

We have been bullish the AUDNZD since it broke the wedge resistance at 1.0350, and our target has been the 1.0550 level. We are almost there, and this is the 50% retracement of the June highs to the September lows. Daily RSI is reaching overbought, […]

Chart of the Day – EURUSD – (October 5th, 2021)

The EURUSD is back on our radar. Back on August 30th, the EURUSD was our “Chart of the Day” and we expected a move back to 1.1900. We hit 1.190X and reversed and now we are looking for a move that measures below 1.1500. We […]

Barríl de petroleo Traders. ¡ Barríl de Crudo ! Seguimos de Compras.

¡ Traders ! Hoy día 5 de Octubre del año 2021, repasamos el análisis del 25 de Septiembre sobre el crudo y hacemos seguimiento de los precios de barríl en intervalo de tiempos de diario. Nuestros indicadores técnicos utilizados son dos: – Medias de 34 […]

Chart of the Day – EURAUD – (October 4th, 2021)

The EURAUD is trying to develop a head and shoulder pattern with key support (neckline) at the 1.5900 level. If you think stocks are “oversold” then you may want to look at the EURAUD and a possible downside move towards the 200dma or lower. Personally, […]

EURAUD- ¡ hey Traders ! ¡ Resistencia a LA VISTA. !

Hoy es día 1 de Octubre del año 2021, analizaremos el desarrollo de precios del par euro dólar australiano, en su intervalo de tiempos diario. Indicadores técnicos utilizados son dos: *Medias de 34 exponenciales aplicadas a los máximos, cierres y mínimos. Lo que consideramos el […]