Wednesday assorted links

1. That was then, this is now (sex edition). 2. Why Daniel Kahneman is so influential in baseball these days (NYT). 3. The Regball culture that is Russia. 4. Biden’s White House uses Zoom for meetings (jaw hits floor, please do note I love Zoom […]

Tendentious Editorializing

Here’s a letter to the Washington Post: Editor: Your criticism of Texas governor Greg Abbott’s decision to end statewide lockdowns is tendentious (“Greg Abbott is endangering the health of Texas and beyond,” March 3). You ignore the evidence that lockdowns are ineffective at stopping coronavirus […]

More from Sure

The excellent Sure in the comments. I would draw attention to “I believe in evidence based medicine, not eminence based medicine” from last time and “methodolotry” from today. And to think this website is free. One of the most frustrating things about this pandemic is […]

Why Didn’t Congress Fund Operation Warp Speed!

STAT is reporting a ‘scandal’: The Trump administration quietly took around $10 billion from a fund meant to help hospitals and health care providers affected by Covid-19 and used the money to bankroll Operation Warp Speed contracts, four former Trump administration officials told STAT. The […]

MikeRowe Economics

In this video, John Stossel talks with Mike Rowe about so-called “essential workers.” Comments Original Article

Some Non-Covid Links

Jason Riley asks: Why did Amazon cancel Justice Clarence Thomas? A slice: The documentary began airing on PBS in May 2020 and streaming on Amazon in October. But it was taken down by Amazon on Feb. 8, according to the director, Michael Pack, and he […]

Some Covid Links

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifts mask mandate and reopens the state 100 percent! People still living under lockdown are in abusive relationships with their governments. (Some governments, like some spouses, are more abusive than others. But any government that restricts the normal range of activities […]

Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 3 of Thomas Sowell’s 1993 collection, Is Reality Optional?: If safety fanatics are allowed to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, that can also kill people. Already safety crusades are cracking down on the “pollution” of waterways involving traces […]

Ola Malm on the future and industrial organization of chess

It was great to see your “Thursday assorted links” link regarding chess. It has been fascinating to follow the recent online boom to which the game has been subject and to think about what it may mean for the organization, and business, of chess over […]

The Wisdom of Walter E. Williams

From 35 years ago is this lecture by my late, great colleague – and much-missed dear friend – Walter Williams. Comments Original Article