Funding and reserving Canterbury earthquake insurance claims

Rober Cole of RBNZ on this analysis notice: The 2010-11 Canterbury earthquakes are by far the costliest insurance coverage occasion in New Zealand’s historical past with estimated property insurance coverage claims prices of round $38 billion, and stay one of the important globally. The Funding […]

USD/CAD – Heading For a Correction?

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Market Insights Podcast (Episode 169)

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Week Ahead – Rising yields spook markets

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How to issue a central bank digital currency

David Chaum, Christian Grothoff, Thomas Moser of Swiss Nationwide Financial institution on this paper: With the emergence of Bitcoin and lately proposed stablecoins from BigTechs, resembling Diem (previously Libra), central banks face rising competitors from non-public actors providing their very own digital different to bodily […]

Higher US yields send Aussie sliding

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A wild end to the week

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Oil dips, gold slide continues

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So many headless chickens

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US yields send Asian equities lower

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