Public Health

In praise of “death panels”

As far as I know, neither political party has ever advocated “death panels”, that is, panels of experts that would deny Medicare coverage to FDA-approved treatments that don’t pass a cost/benefit test. But maybe they should. Biogen’s new drug to treat Alzheimer’s was recently evaluated […]

Libel Laws Should All be Repealed

Libel law is back in the news what with some public rethinking (more like wailing and gnashing of teeth) about New York Times v. Sullivan. Should public figures be more or less protected from being libeled is one issue that has arisen. Another is exactly […]

The Centrality of Exchange

Most government interventions consist in forbidding adult individuals (or their voluntary associations) to freely engage in acts of exchange: securities laws, antitrust laws, minimum-wage laws, maximum prices (like in “price gouging” laws, for example), laws and regulations mandating or banning discrimination, legal privileges for trade […]

There are no Solutions, only Trade-offs.

What is the outlook for black Americans today- is the black experience glass half full or half empty? Is racial discrimination the root of all problems in Black America? In this episode, EconTalk host Russ Roberts welcomes the Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Riley, who argues […]

Cancer Journal: A table of contents

I am a psychologist, a health services researcher, and a contributor to The Incidental Economist. The Cancer Journal reports my experiences as a cancer patient in the COVID pandemic. “I have serious news.” My day and night in the Emergency Department on July 2nd and […]

Covid Vaccine Month of Action

The Biden administration has announced a new a goal when it comes to Covid-19 vaccinations in the US: It aims for at least 70% of Americans to receive at least one dose by July 4th. The current administration has announced a plan and lots of […]

Is a ban on corporate ransom payments feasible?

In some recent posts, I threw out the idea of banning corporations from paying ransomware. I expected the idea to be shot down in the comment section, but I didn’t see any persuasive arguments against the proposal. In fairness to my commenters, however, most of […]

When should NGDP be unstable?

Over time, the labor force (employed plus unemployed) usually tends to grow at a pretty stable rate. In addition, hourly wage rates are sticky, or slow to adjust to shocks. As a result, a healthy economy requires a relatively slow but steady growth in nominal […]

Learning Disability Accommodation and Signaling

Reader Joe Munson sent me this thoughtful message. Reprinted with his permission. Dear Bryan, It occurred to me the other day that many high schools and even colleges will basically waive certain subjects for you if you have even moderate learning disabilities (or can get […]

The Proposed Hospital Mega-Merger in Rhode Island Shouldn’t Happen

The two largest hospital systems in Rhode Island, Lifespan and Care New England (CNE), submitted an application to the state in April to form a new health system in partnership with Brown University.* In spite of proponents’ claims to the contrary, this mega-merger would likely […]