President Biden

Both Amazon and Workers Win

Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama will not be forming a union. The vast majority of votes cast by Amazon’s workers in Bessemer, Ala., were against joining the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union in a stinging defeat of the union drive. The final tally showed […]

Who are the experts?

Ezra Klein recently had a piece on Covid-19 in the NYT, which pointed out that Alex Tabarrok has been ahead of the curve on many issues: [B]est as I can tell, Tabarrok has repeatedly been proved right, and ideas that sounded radical when he first […]

I LOVE State Farm

My home in coastal California is insured with State Farm, both for regular coverage and for earthquake coverage. Yesterday I received a post card in the mail from State Farm. The whole thing (almost) is worth quoting: When and where will wildfire protection services begin? […]

Why are economists losing prestige?

Ezra Klein sees the Biden administration as downgrading the role of economists: Biden has less trust in economists, and so does everyone else. Obama’s constant frustration was that politicians didn’t understand economics. Biden’s constant frustration is that economists don’t understand politics. Multiple economists, both inside […]

Tyler Cowen on the Great Barrington Declaration

The most recent EconTalk with Russ Roberts interviewing Tyler Cowen is quite good. They cover a lot of territory and Tyler has a lot of insights about culture, among other things. Tyler also, to his credit, even points out predictions and thoughts on which, he […]

Week Ahead: Fed’s inflation calm is about to get tested

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Market Insights Podcast (Episode 185)

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Canadian dollar rallies on robust jobs report, US Producer Inflation is here

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Commodities and Cryptos: Oil drops, Gold stumbles as yields rise, Bitcoin higher

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Germany heading for contraction, FTSE pauses for breath

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