Investors and Regulators Can Both Fall for Platform Bubbles

In current discussions of technology markets, few words are heard more often than “platform.” Initial public offering (IPO) prospectuses use “platform” to describe a service that is bound to dominate a digital market. Antitrust regulators use “platform” to describe a service that dominates a digital […]

Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 56 of my late, great colleague Walter Williams’s 2011 book, Race & Economics (original emphasis): The minimum-wage law has imposed incalculable harm on the most disadvantaged members of our society. The absence of work opportunities for many black youngsters does not […]

The confidence man

A few months back, Alex Tabarrok criticized the delay in approving the new vaccines: I am getting very angry at people like Anthony Fauci who say that FDA delay is necessary or useful to alleviate vaccine hesitancy. Fauci told Fox News that the FDA “really […]

A Discussion about Lockdowns

Freddie Sayers and Unherd TV host this discussion featuring Tory MP Charles Walker and Lord David Blunkett of the Labour Party. Comments Original Article

Some Non-Covid Links

Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins decries the intellectual state of humanity these days. A slice: Especially but not exclusively on the left, it seems bad form nowadays, and even evidence of some kind of guilt, to subject any passionately-made claim to cool examination. Consider […]

My Social Media Experiment: A Self-Assessment

Early last year, I foresaw the epistemic horrors of the impending 2020 election, so I made this pledge. Near the end, I asked Jonathan Haidt a question on twitter, and I impulsively responded to his answer. I’d call that a clear violation of my pledge, […]

Dan Klein on Adam Smith on Slavery

My colleague Dan Klein – one of the finest living scholars of Adam Smith – discusses the Great Scot’s analysis of, and attitude toward, slavery. Comments Original Article


The Non-proliferation treaty (NPT), having 187 signatory countries, was created to prevent new nuclear states from emerging. Its objective is to promote cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy and, to work towards nuclear disarmament. The Non-Proliferation Treaty has become the legal anchor for […]

The Plague of Caste in Menstruation

“Pollution may be temporary or permanent, voluntary or involuntary and may fall on any member of the society. The first and the later menstruations as well as delivery are periods of specifically female pollution (even though women’s impurities may spread to others) of the involuntary […]

Peter Lynch is the GOAT

Source: Bloomberg Who is the GOAT? What investor is your pick for the “greatest of all time”? Many people will say Warren Buffett, whose annual letter came out this weekend. If the category were best AND longest-tenured investor, I’d agree with you. If your metric […]