Ridicule or Reach Out?

In my recent reading, following a number of links led me to this extensive article by Byron York about R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., who began a magazine called The American Spectator. The article is appropriately titled “The Life and Death of the American Spectator.” It […]

Knowledge, Reality, and Value Book Club

I’m launching a book club on Michael Huemer’s new introductory philosophy textbook, entitled Knowledge, Reality, and Value: A Mostly Common Sense Guide to Philosophy. I’ve already blogged a few highlights, but now that I’m done, I’m ready to declare this yet another fantastic work by […]

Julia Galef on the Scout Mindset

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Politics Without Romance

The public-choice school of economics, developed since the mid-20th century, assumes that an individual who moves from the private sector to the public sector, whether as a government bureaucrat or a politician, remains the same mostly self-interested individual. He does not metamorphose into an altruist […]

What about bribery?

This is a follow-up post to my recent proposal for banning corporations from paying ransom. Let’s think about another possible law, enacted to deal with the following scenario. Suppose that a US corporation has the best proposal to build a project in another country. Unfortunately, […]

The Miserable Americans

When I was in high school in Canada, I came home one day all excited about a short story we had read, an excerpt from a French novel. The novel was Les Miserables. I told my mother all about it and, of course, she already […]

Tim Kane’s Immigrant Interview of Henderson

Tim Kane’s interview of me, which I mentioned here, is out. It’s titled “David Henderson: The Immigrant Who Worked for Reagan.” It’s about an hour long. We covered in this order: the draft, Nixon, Martin Anderson, immigration, George Borjas, Bryan Caplan’s Concise Encyclopedia article on […]

Batchelor Interviews Henderson on Capital Gains Tax Increase

I posted last week on my Defining Ideas article on why California Democrats should oppose President Biden’s proposed increase in the tax rate on capital gains for high-income people. That article led to this 10-minute interview with John Batchelor earlier this week. The interview starts […]

Ransom bleg

I’m no expert on extortion, so I’d be interested in what other people think of the following proposed law: Any person found guilty of paying ransom in order to protect corporate assets shall serve a sentence of not less than 20 years in a federal […]

Jason Furman on High UI

Furman argued that the $300 a week in extra jobless benefits that was also provided by the plan was holding back a jobs recovery in some places. Furman said of the overall package, “It’s definitely too big for the moment. I don’t know any economist […]