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The Mae West of energy sources

The New Yorker has a good article on nuclear power, which discusses the imminent shutdown of a nuclear power plant in California that produces 9% of their electricity, with zero carbon emissions: Today, the looming disruptions of climate change have altered the risk calculus around […]

Private versus Government

In his textbook Public Finance, 7th edition, 2005, Princeton University emeritus professor of economics Harvey S. Rosen, discussing the idea that incentives to monitor are better in the private sector than in government, quotes Adam Smith’s statement to that effect in The Wealth of Nations. […]

J&J News boosts Treasury yields, Powell Day 2, dollar turns positive, bitcoin rebounds

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Oil climbs higher, gold drops

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Boris Johnson’s reopening plan

On Twitter, Ryan Bourne links to a series of tweets by Ben Riley-Smith, the political editor of the Daily Telegraph, on Boris Johnson’s reopening plan. Ryan’s comment is: “Why are the UK guidance and laws so much more specific and prescriptive than anywhere else? Absurd […]

WTI Crude – Losing momentum ahead of OPEC meeting

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Australian dollar flat

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Euro drifting as Powell talks dovish

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Powell back in the spotlight, bitcoin rebounds

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Oil edges higher, gold under pressure

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