EURUSD Impulse Structure Hints At Rising Prices

The current formation of the EURUSD currency pair suggests the development of a global bullish impulse. This consists of intermediate sub-waves (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5). The bearish correction wave (4) seems to have just been completed, as it has taken the form of a double zigzag W-X-Y. Then […]

What to Expect from Powell’s Congressional Testimony

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is going to appear in the US Congress. However, it’s not going to be one of the usual bi-annual hearings of the Fed Chairman on Capitol Hill. Rather, he will testify in front of the House Select Subcommittee on the coronavirus […]

Intraday Market Analysis – USD Consolidates Gains

USDJPY tests first support The Japanese yen remains under pressure as the BoJ extends the easing program. The US dollar has met strong resistance at last April’s high at 110.80. The price action then found bids near 110.20, a former resistance turned into a support. […]

The Week Ahead – ‘Transitory’ is the Word to Contain Sell-Off

EURUSD tanks on US taper hint The US dollar surged after the Fed signaled two potential rate hikes in 2023. The central bank’s switch to a hawkish stance came in sooner than expected and took markets by surprise. The next logical step would be to […]

StockWatch: Wall Street Banks Push for Return to Work

Some CEOs of Wall Street’s top investment banks are expecting all employees to be back at the office by the end of the year. Top chiefs have stated ‘if you can go to a restaurant in New York City, you can come into the office’. […]

USDCHF Eyeing 0.935 Following Zigzag Completion

The current USDCHF formation suggests that the bullish intervening wave x of a cycle degree has completed. Then the market began to move in a downward direction within the cycle actionary wave z. Most likely, wave z will be simple in shape and will have […]

The Best TV Series Traders Can Use to Learn About Investing

Hollywood’s reputation for prioritizing sensational drama over accuracy applies just as well to movies, TV shows, and even documentaries about finance. Not only do they take creative liberties with the narrative, but they are perfectly happy to substitute facts in order to capture the audience’s […]

Intraday Market Analysis – USD in Overbought Conditions

USDCHF tests daily resistance The US dollar carries on its rally as the SNB sticks with ultra-loose policy. Strong momentum above 0.9090 indicates that the directional bias has shifted to the upside as sellers rush to bail out. The rebound is now testing the resistance […]

The Markets in Waves: DXY, USDJPY, USOIL, GOLD, NASDAQ!

In today’s video, our Head of Investment Research Stavros Tousios dives into the top Elliott Wave opportunities the markets have in store for us. Asset TimeStamps are as follows: DXY 01:20 USDJPY 05:50 USOIL 09:10​​​​​​​​​​​​ GOLD 12:30 NASDAQ 15:05 Join our responsible trading community – […]

AMZN Minor Wave Y To Complete Intervening Wave (X)

AMZN looks to be in a bullish trend which takes on a ①-②-③-④-⑤ impulse form. At the time of writing, the long-term primary correction ④ is in formation. It hints at a triple three. In this pattern, sub-waves (W)-(X)-(Y) have ended. The second intervening wave […]