Sokal III: Another Hit at Woke Nonsense?

To paraphrase the incipit of the Manifesto of the Communist Party (my apologies to Marx), a spectre is haunting America—the spectre of wokeness. But wokeness has intellectual feet of clay. By the time you read this post, the news of the fake article published by […]

A boringly conventional contrarian

In my new book entitled “The Money Illusion”, I argue that a tight money policy by the Fed in 2008-09 largely caused the Great Recession. I’d guess that 99% of economists don’t agree with me on that point. That makes me a contrarian. But if […]

Seesaw price action continues

Home/Newsfeed Seesaw price action continues Posted 6 hours ago Share Print And may continue for some days yet Stock markets are bouncing back again on Wednesday as the seesaw price action continues in the face of significant Omicron uncertainty. Today’s rebound really doesn’t feel particularly […]

GBP/USD – Correction on the cards?

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Oil eyes OPEC+, Gold surprisingly steady

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