Tuesday assorted links

1. John Naisbett has passed away. 2. Suicides down for 2020, misery loves company? 3. What it is like to be in a human challenge trial. The argument that the muon results are for real. 4. Eric Weinstein on geometric unity. Is he right? Is […]

You may not agree with this, still it is a sign of how much progress green energy has made

Yes this is being asserted with a straight face and indeed it might be true!: To reliably achieve deep decarbonization of the US power sector, a candidate policy must perform robustly across a range of possible future trajectories of demand, fossil fuel prices, and prices […]

Where is (non-state capacity) libertarianism evolving?

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, here is one bit: I would say that the purer forms of libertarianism are evolving: from a set of policy stances on political questions to a series of projects for building entire new political worlds… Much […]

Ideology and performance in public organizations

We combine personnel records of the United States federal bureaucracy from 1997-2019 with administrative voter registration data to study how ideological alignment between politicians and bureaucrats affects the personnel policies and performance of public organizations. We present four results. (i) Consistent with the use of […]

Monday assorted links

1. The economics of Substack and Ghost (NYT). 2. Short SNL video if The Woke invaded Star Trek. And “Atomic Superyacht to Offer $3 Million Eco-Tours With Scientists” (Bloomberg). 3. Exaggerated, but an update on Sweden (and Uruguay). And perspective from Andreas Backhaus. And excess […]

Cancer Journal: Ontario on the Edge

The Cancer Journal is my story about being a cancer patient during the COVID-19 epidemic. In the last week, my cancer care halted because the pandemic is breaking Ontario’s health care system. I’ll start with an update about my case. Since my radiation treatment ended […]

Integrate Crypto with the India Stack

In India Should Embrace Not Ban Cryptoc I said “the irony is that India has one of the world’s most advanced identity and payments systems, the India stack” and by integrating the India stack with crypto India could take in important step and leapfrog slower […]

Why I am not entirely keen on the Great Barrington Declaration and AIER

More people are asking me about my attitudes toward Great Barrington and AIER, including David Henderson in this post (which also has a good transcript of my remarks to Russ Roberts). Earlier I wrote a conceptual critique of the Great Barrington Declaration, but today I […]

Markets in everything those new service sector jobs work from a distance

Soon, she said, money began flowing into her account. “Please take all of my money for your trip, I don’t deserve it,” wrote Betaboy10, who gave $500, according to screen shots she provided to The New York Times. Another, named SubMike00, sent $250. A user […]

Sunday assorted links

1. Somehow the places that don’t make such a big deal about Covid are not such great places to live (…and have to keep the truth a secret…Russia in denial about the high number of Covid deaths, NYT). 2. NYT covers WSJ. 3. Tribute to […]