Janet Yellen

Batchelor Interviews Henderson on Capital Gains Tax Increase

I posted last week on my Defining Ideas article on why California Democrats should oppose President Biden’s proposed increase in the tax rate on capital gains for high-income people. That article led to this 10-minute interview with John Batchelor earlier this week. The interview starts […]

Ransom bleg

I’m no expert on extortion, so I’d be interested in what other people think of the following proposed law: Any person found guilty of paying ransom in order to protect corporate assets shall serve a sentence of not less than 20 years in a federal […]

Jason Furman on High UI

Furman argued that the $300 a week in extra jobless benefits that was also provided by the plan was holding back a jobs recovery in some places. Furman said of the overall package, “It’s definitely too big for the moment. I don’t know any economist […]

Canadian dollar higher ahead of Manufacturing Sales

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Stocks rise, US dollar drops as Fed soothes the markets

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Oil losses continue, gold gains on Fed

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NZD yawns as manufacturing index slows

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Ryan Streeter’s Grounds for Optimism

It was not the alarmists in the mid-20th century who led the way out of the darkness but rather the “recoverists”—those who took stock of the good things we can build on even as the alarmists at America’s Manichean poles continue to dominate so much […]