The Everyday Miracles on the Web

Every once in a while I pinch myself at my good fortune in being alive at this time in history, with the web making things so much easier in so many ways. Two things happened in the last hour that reminded me of how much […]

6 Easy, Breezy Summer Weight Loss Tips

If the hotter climate is inspiring you to work more durable at your weight reduction objectives, then you definately is perhaps searching for some straightforward summer season weight reduction suggestions. At Nutrisystem, we’re all about serving to you make easy modifications that can make dropping […]

Chrissy Teigen Apologizes Amid Bullying Controversy: “I Was a Troll, Full Stop”

A number of weeks have passed by since Chrissy Teigen’s historical past of on-line bullying was uncovered to the world, and in typical superstar style, she’s come again with a prolonged apology letter. “I would like you to know I’ve been sitting in a gap […]

The pointless debate over inflation

In the past, I’ve frequently argued that inflation is an almost meaningless and useless concept. I’m not even aware of any coherent definitions of the concept. Unfortunately, the Fed has decided to target PCE inflation, and thus we are forced to pay attention to the […]

Ethiopia, human rights, and the internet

By Witney Schneidman No African concern has absorbed as a lot time within the early months of the Biden administration as has the continuing—and avoidable—tragedy in Ethiopia’s Tigray province. President Biden was forceful and proper in calling for an finish to the “large-scale human rights […]

“Crime and Punishment”: How Russian banks anticipated and dealt with global financial sanctions

Mikhail Mamonov, Anna Pestova and Steven Ongena on this voxeu analysis: Monetary sanctions in opposition to Russia’s state-owned and managed banks have been imposed consecutively between 2014 and 2019, permitting banks that might probably be focused sooner or later to regulate their worldwide and home […]

The Apologies of Repeal

Whenever government repeals a bad policy, my first reaction is amazement. Then gratitude. Swiftly followed by indignation, because no matter how bad the repealed policy was, the government almost never apologizes. Homely example: The FAA used to ban the use of any electronic device during […]