Is Bernie Sanders Working Undercover for Racists?

My late, great colleague Walter Williams would have put the following point far more eloquently than I do in this letter to the Wall Street Journal: Editor: Suppose that a KKK Grand Wizard is caught on tape squawking out the following: “Compared to white workers, […]

Risk-on after calm in bond markets, impressive ISM data, ECB slows purchases

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About those “bond vigilantes”

Adam Tooze has a post discussing the bond vigilante theory: The phrase “bond vigilante” is normally attributed to Ed Yardeni a Wall Street economist who coined it in the 1980s to describe the role of bond markets in disciplining governments. “Bond Investors Are The Economy’s […]

Pound stops bleeding

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Oil awaits OPEC+, gold rebounds

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Bitcoin mania returns

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A Grand Tour with Adam Smith

A Book Review of Adam Smith in Toulouse and Occitania: The Unknown Years, by Alain Alcouffe and Philippe Massot-Bordenave.1 Adam Smith in Toulouse and Occitania: The Unknown Years is not a book for everyone. It is not an introduction to the life or the works […]

Modern Monetary Theory: Nothing New Under the Sun

What is Modern Monetary Theory? The term “modern” in Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is probably not the best choice of words, since it implies there is something new in MMT. As many MMT critics point out, looking for something new in MMT is a pointless […]

Single-Minded Obsessions are Irrational and Lethal

In my latest column for AIER I try my hand at writing fiction – yet fiction that is not very different from today’s reality. It’s a (very) short story of a woman who is single-mindedly obsessed with avoiding one particular danger. A slice: Vicky refused […]

Canadian dollar rises on strong Manufacturing PMI

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