Can corporate America, and Big Tech in particular, be democratized? How can we make capitalism more accountable to the people? In this episode, EconTalk host Russ Roberts welcomes back the OCTOPEST of Microsoft, Glen Weyl. Says Roberts, “I love capitalism. Because capitalism, profit, and loss, […]

Investors relaxed after frantic start to the week

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Oil gains ground, gold under pressure

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Stocks rally post-Fed and as China prepares for the worst with Evergrande, plethora of rate decisions, bitcoin rises

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Oil rallies with risk, gold lower

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Should Paid Leave Programs be Public or Private?

The Wall Street Journal had a very good and rather comprehensive Review and Outlook piece yesterday about what’s wrong with the Democrats’ push to create a federal paid leave program. The piece makes some important points, not least of which is that the absence in […]