Ridicule or Reach Out?

In my recent reading, following a number of links led me to this extensive article by Byron York about R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., who began a magazine called The American Spectator. The article is appropriately titled “The Life and Death of the American Spectator.” It […]

Knowledge, Reality, and Value Book Club

I’m launching a book club on Michael Huemer’s new introductory philosophy textbook, entitled Knowledge, Reality, and Value: A Mostly Common Sense Guide to Philosophy. I’ve already blogged a few highlights, but now that I’m done, I’m ready to declare this yet another fantastic work by […]

Julia Galef on the Scout Mindset

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Politics Without Romance

The public-choice school of economics, developed since the mid-20th century, assumes that an individual who moves from the private sector to the public sector, whether as a government bureaucrat or a politician, remains the same mostly self-interested individual. He does not metamorphose into an altruist […]

What about bribery?

This is a follow-up post to my recent proposal for banning corporations from paying ransom. Let’s think about another possible law, enacted to deal with the following scenario. Suppose that a US corporation has the best proposal to build a project in another country. Unfortunately, […]

The Miserable Americans

When I was in high school in Canada, I came home one day all excited about a short story we had read, an excerpt from a French novel. The novel was Les Miserables. I told my mother all about it and, of course, she already […]

Tim Kane’s Immigrant Interview of Henderson

Tim Kane’s interview of me, which I mentioned here, is out. It’s titled “David Henderson: The Immigrant Who Worked for Reagan.” It’s about an hour long. We covered in this order: the draft, Nixon, Martin Anderson, immigration, George Borjas, Bryan Caplan’s Concise Encyclopedia article on […]

Batchelor Interviews Henderson on Capital Gains Tax Increase

I posted last week on my Defining Ideas article on why California Democrats should oppose President Biden’s proposed increase in the tax rate on capital gains for high-income people. That article led to this 10-minute interview with John Batchelor earlier this week. The interview starts […]

Ransom bleg

I’m no expert on extortion, so I’d be interested in what other people think of the following proposed law: Any person found guilty of paying ransom in order to protect corporate assets shall serve a sentence of not less than 20 years in a federal […]

The Week Ahead: Diamond vs. Paper Hands

NAS 100 consolidates as panic selling slows down Tech stocks were among the hardest hit when investors feared the era of cheap money may end sooner than later, and along with it the breakneck rise of growth sectors. However, the sell-off could turn out to […]