Accredited Investor Errors

I will be participating in a virtual lecture tomorrow from 9:30 am discussing how to avoid some of the biggest errors made by investors. In my opinion, these are the 5 most significant errors that (IMO) can be easily fixed. You will not be surprised […]

Worrying Sentence(s) of the Day

NYTimes: An examination of hundreds of health departments around the country shows that the nation may be less prepared for the next pandemic than it was for the current one. …State and local public health departments across the country have endured not only the public’s […]

Make TeleMedicine Permanent

One of the silver linings of the pandemic was the ability to see a doctor and be prescribed medicine online. I used telemedicine multiple times during the pandemic and it was great–telemedicine saved me at least an hour each visit and I think my medical […]

Peer effects and debt accumulation: Evidence from lottery winnings

Magnus A. H. Gulbrandsen of Norges Financial institution on this attention-grabbing paper monitor the impression of lottery wins on neighborhoods: I estimate the impact of lottery winnings on friends’ debt accumulation utilizing administrative knowledge from Norway. I establish neighbors of lottery winners, and estimate a […]

10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Two-for-Tuesday morning train WFH reads: • Why is everyone quitting, and how do I know whether it’s time to leave my job? Waves of Americans are leaving their jobs as part of the ‘Great Resignation.’ Here’s why: A record number of workers are quitting […]

My podcast with philosopher Jimmy Alfonso Licon

Somewhat less than an hour, here is his summary of our chat: Prof. Cowen and I had a wide ranging interview on topics ranging from whether economic growth is a moral imperative, UFOs are extraterrestrials, rent seeking is a drain on the economy, things like […]

Australia Committing Tyrannical Economic Suicide

If there was ever a politician who might be dragged from his chamber in a revolution, historical past would level to Daniel Andrews. Now he’s throwing anybody who opposes his authoritarian measures out of Parliament. The Western powers invaded Iraq and wished to invade Syria […]

FDA relents on mix and match for third dose

Here is the NYT account, they sound both confused and confusing. How about “if you have had J&J, it is fine and probably preferable to get a further dose of Moderna or Pfizer”? Yet suddenly it is fine. And it is the usual story — […]

Average is over

Thirteen-year-olds saw unprecedented declines in both reading and math between 2012 and 2020, according to scores released this morning from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Consistent with several years of previous data, the results point to a clear and widening cleavage between America’s […]

Zendaya Is 8,000 Years Ahead of Her Time – See Her Futuristic Gown at the Dune Screening

As we daydream about 2022’s biggest fashion moments, Zendaya is busy setting trends so far into the future we need a spaceship just to catch up. While attending an advanced screening of Dune at Odeon Leicester Square in London, Zendaya, who plays Chani in the […]