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A Literature Review on Economic Policy Response to Covid-19

An excellent review of empirical findings regarding the various provisions is contained in this FEDS Notes article, by Elena Falcettoni, and Vegard Nygaard. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept economists busy analyzing many aspects of economic side of the coronavirus impact. This note is meant to […]

US Close: Powell Disappoints, Nasdaq corrects, King Dollar, OPEC+ catapults oil, Gold vulnerable, Bitcoin weakens

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CAD flexes muscles on OPEC+ shocker

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OPEC+ Shocker, Don’t bet against the Saudis, US shale rejoices, Loonie rallies

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AUD steady as retail sales hit expectations

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Powell to acknowledge yield volatility, claims not too bad, bitcoin consolidates

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Pound shrugs as Construction PMI rises

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Saudis want to keep powder dry, gold’s dizzying outlook

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US yields rise, FTSE slips, Powell in focus

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Oil up ahead of OPEC+, gold struggling

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