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6 Healthy Root Vegetables You Have to Try This Fall

Root greens are the edible components of vegetation that develop underground, however these super-nutritious, well being meals are discovering their means into the highlight and onto the plates of wholesome eaters. Carrots are probably the most acquainted root vegetable—we eat the lengthy, orange bottoms, not […]

Why Are There Zero Republican Mega-Cities?

Zero cities with over one million people currently have Republican mayors. From the standpoint of the textbook Median Voter Model, this is awfully puzzling. Even if urbanites are extremely left-wing, you would expect urban Republicans to move sharply left to accommodate them. Once they do […]

What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?

Why are so many people interested in ancient Rome and Greece? We often think of these societies as the foundation of our own. Historian Bret Devereaux, the guest in this episode, agrees. EconTalk host Russ Roberts welcomes Devereaux to explore his fascination with the ancients, […]

How the power of economic ideas led to Taiwan’s export-led growth

Douglas Irwin highlights the significance of financial concepts in pushing development in Taiwan. Irwin begins with Krugman pointing to the function of concepts in pushing financial development: In a latest New York Occasions piece, Paul Krugman mentioned two drivers of the “hyperglobalization” period that started […]

The Democrat’s Veterans Crisis

COMMENT: I simply have to vent. I exploit to be a Democrat however won’t ever vote for one once more. I’m a Vet and beneath Obama, we had been handled as second-rate residents. Many would die ready for a health care provider. Below Trump, he […]