Chart of the Day – Shanghai Composite – (March 2nd, 2021)

One of the pillars of risk appetite globally has been the rally we have seen in equity markets around the world the last year. The Shanghai composite’s chart if a great representation of a strong rally since spring of last year. last week and today […]

KTM FX Weekly: The near-term trend tilted infavor of sellers.

Home Educational Analysis Key To Markets Open a Real Account Open a Demo Account Partnerships Contact us Client Area Login EUR struggled as UST yields rallied EZ manufacturing sector is appearing as an increasingly bring spot EUR crosses offer better risk-reward than major In continuation […]

USOil and upcoming volatility

oil Later today and tomorrow evening we will have the API and EIA reports, while the day after that, on March 4, eyes will be on OPEC and its non-OPEC partners, known as the OPEC+ meeting. After touching the 13-month high at $63.67 on February […]

CAD remains and should remain capped

Canda’s GDP grew 9.6% in Q4 (q/q, saar), better than expected after the 40.6% bounce in Q3 (was 40.5%) that followed 38.5% plunge in Q2. A modest inventory accumulation in Q4 after the huge drawdowns in Q3 added to GDP in Q4. Government consumption, M&E […]

Surfing the Waves with Gregor Horvat

In today’s advanced #ElliottWave​​ analysis Gregor dives into the five most interesting opportunities for the week ahead! Original Article

Alibaba Shares Slide Further

2021 Reversal Underway Shares in Chinese tech firm Alibaba are continuing to slide today, trading lower ahead of the market open on Tuesday. Following an initial rally over January which saw shares climbing off the December 2020 215 lows to highs around 274, Alibaba shares […]

Can Thursday’s OPEC Meeting Save Oil Prices?

The start of March posed some difficulties for crude prices, as they paired back some of the gains from the long run in February. Of course, that might just be profit-taking, as the run-up has been pretty long. Or there might be an external factor, […]

AUDUSD Could Correct Higher Before Bearish Impulse

The formation of the AUDUSD currency pair shows a clear completion of correction wave b. The cycle wave b is a bullish triple zigzag of the primary degree. The end of the intermediate impulse (C), which completed the primary wave Ⓩ, triggered a bearish move. […]

Forex Update – March came in like a bull for Wall Street

The major indexes surged sharply higher on the back of more good news on vaccines and the expectation of massive stimulus sooner than later. Another batch of stronger than expected data helped too. But opening the door for the gains was the more subdued tenor […]