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Wagner’s and Weitzman’s Bathtub Analogy

In a comment by Daniel Reeves on a recent post by my co-blogger Bryan Caplan, Reeves claims that I ignored the bathtub analogy in Gernot Wagner’s and Martin L. Wietzman’s Climate Shock in my review of the book. I didn’t mention it but I didn’t […]

“Just Read the Instructions”

Except perhaps for some psychopaths, everybody hopes that the four members of the Inspiration4 mission (watch a video) will safely return to earth. One remarkable thing is how, just a few years ago, most people would have not believed that a crew of civilians would […]

Average is over

A while back, Tyler Cowen wrote a book entitled “Average is Over“. If my memory is correct, one idea was that technology would allow some people to become much more productive than others, and/or technology would make it easier to identify who has been more […]

My 12th-Grade Odyssey

Co-blogger Bryan Caplan’s tale of his children’s experience with home school is quite impressive. One slight danger is that readers might think you need to be anywhere near as prepared as Bryan and his two older sons to make it a success. But my experience, […]

Why Are There Zero Republican Mega-Cities?

Zero cities with over one million people currently have Republican mayors. From the standpoint of the textbook Median Voter Model, this is awfully puzzling. Even if urbanites are extremely left-wing, you would expect urban Republicans to move sharply left to accommodate them. Once they do […]

What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?

Why are so many people interested in ancient Rome and Greece? We often think of these societies as the foundation of our own. Historian Bret Devereaux, the guest in this episode, agrees. EconTalk host Russ Roberts welcomes Devereaux to explore his fascination with the ancients, […]

Why It’s OK To Speak Your Mind

Just finished Hrishikesh Joshi’s Why It’s OK To Speak Your Mind. Fun book, suitable for campus-wide adoption. My favorite passage: Now consider a person who conducts his mental life as wildebeest or sardines conduct their lives. He just moves with the popular opinion of the […]

Myths we teach our children

When we teach false things to our students there’s usually an explanation. Thus, today it’s trendy to teach about the “myth of the model minority”. But that claim is itself a myth, as Asian-Americans are indeed a model minority; at least if by model minority […]

Elder’s Error?

Larry Elder, running today to replace Governor Gavin Newsome if Newsome is recalled, recently committed to appointing a Republican as a U.S. Senator if current Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein resigns. That one statement, combined with the fact that Elder is the front-runner, will probably cinch […]