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Where Do Monetarists Think PCE Price Level Is Going To?

From an email from Tim Congdon, at the International Institute for Monetary Research (9/20): I suggest that a more plausible figure for end-year PCE annual inflation is between 5½% and 6%. (The consumer price index – up by 4.5% in the first seven months of […]

Should Paid Leave Programs be Public or Private?

The Wall Street Journal had a very good and rather comprehensive Review and Outlook piece yesterday about what’s wrong with the Democrats’ push to create a federal paid leave program. The piece makes some important points, not least of which is that the absence in […]

Introduction to the Czech Edition of Open Borders

The Czech translation of Open Borders is now available for sale. And for those of you who don’t speak Czech, here’s the English version of my all-new Introduction to the Czech Edition. Special thanks to Martin Pánek, Director of the Liberální institut, for making this […]

Toward a Constitutional Theory of Property Rights

Prior to and since the death of Harold Demsetz, there have been a series of wonderful posts here on Econlib that have highlighted the importance of his work, in particular his article, “Toward a Theory of Property Rights” (1967). What makes it such a great […]

A New Database on Individual Central Bank Reserve Composition

Hiro Ito and Robert McCauley have compiled a new dataset of the currency composition of international reserves for 75 economies over the 1999-2020 period. The IMF’s COFER only presents aggregate currency shares. Other datasets of individual central bank reserves are less comprehensive, and/or report gross […]

Doug Irwin on the Korean miracle

Doug Irwin has an excellent new paper describing how the Korean economy took off in the late 1960s: In the early 1960s, South Korea was close to being considered a failed state. It suffered from political turmoil and economic stagnation. One of the poorest countries […]

Woke Is Old

One of the less charming features of the woke movement is its vocal age prejudice. In conversation, believers have repeatedly appealed to my age and their youth to gain argumentative advantage. I’m tempted, admittedly, to respond in kind. In reality, the young have less insight […]

Henderson on UCLA on EconTalk

Russ Roberts: Now, you mention property rights. Both Alchian and Demsetz emphasized the importance of property rights, the applications of property rights. And, we’ll talk a little bit about Demsetz’s contribution in particular. But I want to start with an example from your book, which […]

Thoughts on Canada’s Election

Last month, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, called a snap election 2 years before it would normally have been held. His goal was to attain a majority for the Liberal Party so that he wouldn’t have to keep making deals with the smaller parties, typically […]

Backdoor to the Ivies

Guest post from EconLog reader Paul Fredenberg, reprinted with his permission. Enj0y – and possibly profit! Professor Caplan, I read your post about your homeschooling experience. Sounds like you’ve raised some awesome kids. Congratulations to you and your wife (and your twins too)! I am […]