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Inflation and relative prices

Pierre Lemieux has a post explaining the fallacy of assuming that inflation is caused by changes in relative prices. An increase in the price of used cars cannot generate or “drive” inflation for a simple reason: it works the other way around. Inflation, which is […]

The Elementary Basics of Inflation

It is always surprising how even the financial press is confused about inflation. I am not speaking of complex conflicting theories on the causes of inflation but of the very basic distinction between inflation and changes in relative prices. For example, The Economist just wrote: […]

Signaling: The Play

My friend Jason Ford wrote this little play, inspired by The Case Against Education. Enjoy! Three Mercedes By Jason Ford (The Admissions Office at Foxmoor College in the Philadelphia Suburbs. Bart Amblin, the Head of Admissions, is seated at his desk.) BART (on phone) Send […]

StockWatch: Lufthansa Eyes $2.5bn Capital Increase!

Lufthansa AG is launching a capital increase worth ($2.51 billion) as the German airline looks to strengthen its equity position. The gross proceeds will be used to repay EUR1.5 billion of Lufthansa’s participation in Germany’s Economic Stabilization Fund. Ryanair plans to carry 225m passengers by […]

David Henderson on the Essential UCLA School of Economics

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Is it Time for a US Stock Market Correction?

Over the weekend, market makers were reading one of the most influential publications in the industry, Barron’s. One of the article titles had a pretty eye-catching title and was a collection of opinions. The problem is that it had the words “impending doom” in reference […]

GBPJPY Second Intervening Wave Ⓧ Progressing

The GBPJPY pair suggests the development of the final part of the cycle wave y that takes the form of a double zigzag consisting of sub-waves Ⓦ-Ⓧ-Ⓨ. The last actionary wave Ⓨ is currently under development. The primary wave Ⓨ is a standard (A)-(B)-(C) zigzag. […]

The Markets in Waves: DXY, EURUSD, USOIL, GOLD & SPX500!

In today’s video, our Head of Investment Research Stavros Tousios dives into the top Elliott Wave opportunities the markets have in store for us. Asset TimeStamps are as follows: DXY 00:40 EURUSD 03:50 USOIL 05:50​​​​​​​​​​​​ GOLD 07:50 SPX500 09:05 Test your strategy on how the […]

Intraday Market Analysis – USD Consolidates Gains

NZDUSD heads towards key support The US dollar tripped after a fall of the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index. On the daily chart, the kiwi is pulling back towards the 20-day moving average after it surged above 0.7100. 0.7080 at the lower end of a ten-day-long […]

Boudreaux on Government’s Nature

Don Boudreaux writes: One general lesson that I draw from facts such as this one [the fact he’s referring to is that during the pandemic, the FDA actually used the Covid-19 emergency as a pretext to slow the approval of SARS-CoV-2 tests, rather than what […]