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End Central Planning for Parking

Donald Shoup’s Letter in support of California’s AB 1401 which deregulates parking is a marvel; funny, incisive, economically informed. Brilliant. California has been waiting for AB 1401 for a long time. In 2005, the American Planning Association published The High Cost of Free Parking, an […]

Green energy vs. green jobs

That is the theme of my latest Bloomberg column, here is the opening bit: One of the most disturbing trends in recent economic thought is the view that green energy should be viewed as a source of good jobs. Such attitudes are bad for our […]

Thursday assorted links

1. Brian Arthur on verbal economics and what it is like. 2. A public choice theory of when the Chinese reopen cities under lockdown. 3. Scott Alexander on the new Honduran charter city, recommended. 4. Garett Jones on laissez-faire lockdowns plus liability law and tort […]

My Congressional Testimony

I thought the meeting went well. I made four points. It is not too late to do more. We should invest in nasal and oral vaccines. We should vaccinate the world. We should stretch doses through fractional dosing and delaying the second dose, this will […]

“RCTs for me but not for thee”?

Zeke Emanuel, a professor of healthcare management at the University of Pennsylvania and a former coronavirus adviser to US president Joe Biden, said: “I understand they wanted to be transparent, but did they really have to announce a complete pause? “My concern is this will […]

From the comments

This maybe a violation of Cowen’s second law, but my cursory examination turns up no useful hits in PubMed about FDA credibility. We have the odd op-ed, some drivel about people thinking the FDA is more credible about cigarettes when they learn that FDA regulates […]

Tuesday assorted links

1. Once again, the world is more right-wing than you think. Even Stanford academics. And these ants shrink their brains for a chance to become queen (NYT). 2. World’s longest rabbit theft moral hazard? (NYT): “Darius was insured for $1.6 million and traveled with a […]

The Covid culture that is Australia

Health Minister Greg Hunt has refused to guarantee Australia’s borders will open even if the whole country has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Australia’s borders have been shut since March 2020 and will remain closed until at least the middle of June, leaving more than 36,000 […]

Hearing: “Vaccinations and the Economic Recovery”

I will be testifying to the JEC of Congress today at 2:30 pm est. Witnesses: Dr. Paul RomerNobel Prize Winning economist and NYU ProfessorNew York, NY Dr. Céline Gounder, MD, ScM, FIDSAClinical Assistant Professor of Medicine & Infectious Diseases, NYU School of Medicine & Bellevue […]