US Close: Powell Disappoints, Nasdaq corrects, King Dollar, OPEC+ catapults oil, Gold vulnerable, Bitcoin weakens

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CAD flexes muscles on OPEC+ shocker

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Can economists be trusted?

For the most part, economists don’t give people advice on how to run their lives. Rather we tend to focus on explaining the behavior of consumers and businesses, usually assuming they are at least somewhat rational. One exception is when there is a “principal-agent problem”, […]

OPEC+ Shocker, Don’t bet against the Saudis, US shale rejoices, Loonie rallies

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AUD steady as retail sales hit expectations

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Powell to acknowledge yield volatility, claims not too bad, bitcoin consolidates

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Postscript: Orwell for Socialism

[Scroll to the end for a couple final reactions to comments .] In a reflective moment, George Orwell wrote, “Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism, as I understand […]

Pound shrugs as Construction PMI rises

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Saudis want to keep powder dry, gold’s dizzying outlook

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Platform Self-Preferencing Can Be Good for Consumers and Even Competitors

Critics of big tech companies like Google and Amazon are increasingly focused on the supposed evils of “self-preferencing.” This refers to when digital platforms like Amazon Marketplace or Google Search, which connect competing services with potential customers or users, also offer (and sometimes prioritize) their […]