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Euro pauses after strong week

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Europe trades mixed, commodities rally

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Oil up on cyber attack, gold gains ground

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Aussie rally continues on solid retail sales

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Will Japan Household Spending rebound?

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StockWatch: Hilton Frustrated as Pandemic Lingers

Hilton​ Worldwide posted Q1​ results below estimates, blaming tighter travel curbs in parts of Europe​ and Asia​ which are hurting bookings. Analysts expect hotels to rebound strongly in the second half of 2021​ but remain reserved about how quickly demand would pick up for business […]

UK Q1 GDP: Best Performer of Covid Recovery?

The markets were quite shocked with the results of NFP on Friday. But as we suggested as early as last Tuesday, there was reason to expect disappointment. This has led some analysts to start to revise their outlook for growth in the US. And we […]

USOIL Ending Diagonal To Complete Cycle Impulse

USOIL is forming a major impulse of a cycle degree, which has recently completed the horizontal correction IV. Correction IV took the pattern of a contracting Ⓐ-Ⓑ-Ⓒ-Ⓓ-Ⓔ triangle of the primary degree. Then the price started to rise in a cycle wave V. It seems […]

US dollar plummets after Non-Farm surprise

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