The Secret for Trading a Double Top

The double top pattern is no doubt among the simplest and most familiar price patterns in technical analysis. Typically, a double top pattern is followed by a sell off. In theory, this rather simple pattern should be easy for traders to pounce on and yet, […]

One line of code makes all the difference

I was really excited about my Pilum strategy two months ago. The research looked great and everything was ready to rock and roll. Demo testing began and then… not much happened. The Quantilator is (mostly) finished, which finally gave me time to circle back and […]

2 Painful hits

December and January were extremely unkind to me. I took a huge loss on December 9 that coincided with the Fed meeting and another big punch in January. In total, I went from a 28% profit to a ~4% net loss. Deservedly, my inbox quickly […]

How to Enter the Trading Arena

As a relative newcomer to the trading scene, your eagerness to get started may overwhelm your better judgment. There are several questions you need to ask yourself before you start trading, including the following: Which trading platform are you going to be using? Which financial […]

Cryptomania – The Fear of Missing Out

Cryptomania provided me with the largest percentage gains in my trading career. Back in June 2015, I decided to spend $1,000 on a punt. I said, “Bitcoin is either going to $0 or $10,000.” That was back when bitcoin traded at $283, which bought 3.619 […]

Does SKEW Predict VIX?

SKEW should lead VIX, right? Traders get worried about a crash, which might anticipate volatility in the S&P 500. SKEW is in green.VIX is in blue. If SKEW was a perfect predictor of VIX, then you’d expect the blue line to look like the green […]