Ellen DeGeneres’s New Skincare Line Plays On Her Famous “Be Kind” Motto

Ellen DeGeneres simply launched her personal skincare model, Variety Magnificence, and out of the blue we’re transported again to the controversy of summer time 2020. In asserting the gathering, launched on October 26, DeGeneres stated she selected the title Variety Magnificence as a result of […]

Enright on Caplan on Immigration

Sam Enright has written a good review of Bryan Caplan’s Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration. I like it for two main reasons: (1) he takes Bryan completely seriously and doesn’t take cheap shots, and, related to that, (2) the tone is quite […]

Fred Foldvary, a Joyous Friend

I met Fred in the 1990s, through a shared interest in the voluntary provision of collective goods. In 1996 I joined the faculty at Santa Clara University, and soon thereafter worked with Fred, Henry Demmert, Larry Iannaccone, and Bob Finocchio in a campus institute. Fred […]

What kind of immigrants does the GOP want?

In recent years, I’ve seen many conservatives argue against illegal immigration, warning darkly of our society being polluted by “rapists and murderers”, despite the fact that immigrants have a lower crime rate than native born Americans. They also seem to worry about the fact that […]

Great Fall Outfit I Want to Be Wearing: Issa Rae’s Denim Bra and Button-Down

Issa Rae has so much to have a good time because the final season of Insecure premieres on HBO and her stylist, Aliétte’s Jason Rembert, hooks her up with all the proper get together outfits besides. After revealing simply the correct quantity of underboob in […]