Company Price Change Announcements and Future Inflation

Goldman Sachs (Walker, “Company Pricing Announcements and the Inflation Outlook”) points out that changes company statements regarding price changes is contemporaneously correlated with PCE inflation, but not predictive. This puts in a different perspective media discussion of impending inflation. The below is Exhibit 2 from […]

Europe rallies on impressive China, US data

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Euro hovering just shy of 1.20

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Oil, gold in consolidation mode

Home/COVID-19/News events/Newsfeed Oil, gold in consolidation mode Posted 1 minute ago Share Print Oil set for over 6% gains this week Oil prices are consolidating around monthly highs and are on track to gain over 6% across the week. An improved oil demand outlook combined […]

CAD edges higher, US confidence data next

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NZ dollar rally takes breather

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China React: Record GDP at 18.3%, Retail Sales impresses, IP disappoints, Gold softens

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Another Minimum Wage Proposal

There’s a rumored plan by Senators Romney and Sinema to raise the minimum wage to $11. Assuming the phase is four years (as in the proposed Cotton plan to raise to $10) starting in June 2021, the trajectory of the real minimum wage looks like: […]

Retail Sales: Implications for Consumption

Retail sales jumped 9.8% m/m, exceed Bloomberg consensus of 5.9%. Sales ex-food services rose 9.4% in nominal terms, 8.7% if deflated by the CPI-all. Figure 1: Retail sales excluding food services, deflated by CPI-all (blue), manufacturing and trade sales in Ch.2012$ (red), personal consumption expenditure […]

Dollar mixed, CBRT holds, ruble sinks, bitcoin firm

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