MiB: Jean Hyne, Wellington Management’s (incoming) CEO

  This week, we speak with Jean Hynes, incoming CEO of Wellington Management. The firm has over $1 trillion client assets under management. Hynes also runs the $51B Vanguard Healthcare Fund – the country’s largest health care fund. She discusses how she started at […]

10 Weekend Reads

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Portland Organic French Roast coffee, grab a seat by the window and get ready for our longer form weekend reads: • Sneakerheads Have Turned Jordans and Yeezys Into a Bona Fide Asset Class When the pandemic […]

Single-Shot and First Doses First

The FDA panel voted unanimously to authorize the J&J vaccine. Good. Note, however, that the single-shot J&J vaccine is quite comparable to the first dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Yet, few people are demanding that J&J be required to offer a second shot […]

Some Covid Links

Is the U.K.’s Covid-19 death count inflated? Here’s the opening of a new report by the Daily Mail: Grieving families last night said deaths had been wrongly certified as Covid-19. Demanding an inquiry, top medical experts and MPs also insisted they were ‘certain’ that too […]

Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 26 of Thomas Sowell’s slim yet significant 1981 volume, Markets and Minorities (original emphasis): Economics takes as axiomatic the proposition that more of anything is demanded at a low price than at a high price. Discrimination is no exception. A pair […]

Is all that extra money trapped in high asset prices? (no)

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column. Here is one bit: The hypothesis is that a lot of this new money got funneled into asset price markets, rather than being spent on goods and services. Measured rates of price inflation for consumer goods […]

UK to fast track drug trials

Drugmakers will be offered fast-tracked approvals for innovative medicines in the UK as ministers seek to build on the country’s world-leading approval of a Covid vaccine and attract life sciences companies to invest post-Brexit. The UK’s medicines regulator will become independent of EU pharmaceutical rulemaking […]

Vaccine markets in everything

The German national carrier Lufthansa plans to set up a first class “Corona Lounge” in a Moscow airport for rich patrons from other countries to fly into the Russian capital and get the Sputnik V vaccination without ever entering the country, bne IntelliNews can reveal. […]

Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 2.26.21

Succinct Summations for the week ending February 26th, 2021 Positives: 1. Covid infection rate plummets 72% as USA appears to be closer to herd immunity.2. FHFA House Price Index rose 1.1% m/o/m, above expectations.3. Jobless claims fell 111k w/o/w from 841k to 730k.4. New home […]

Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 58 of my late, great colleague Walter Williams’s 2011 book, Race & Economics (original emphasis): The real problem is that workers are not wo much underpaid as they are under-skilled. And the real task is to help those people become skilled. […]