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Wagner’s and Weitzman’s Bathtub Analogy

In a comment by Daniel Reeves on a recent post by my co-blogger Bryan Caplan, Reeves claims that I ignored the bathtub analogy in Gernot Wagner’s and Martin L. Wietzman’s Climate Shock in my review of the book. I didn’t mention it but I didn’t […]

“Just Read the Instructions”

Except perhaps for some psychopaths, everybody hopes that the four members of the Inspiration4 mission (watch a video) will safely return to earth. One remarkable thing is how, just a few years ago, most people would have not believed that a crew of civilians would […]

Market Insights Podcast (Episode 238)

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Commodities and Cryptos: Oil hit by profit-taking, Gold vulnerable, Bitcoin steady

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US Close: Stocks slump, Treasury yields pop, Fed and DC in focus

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EUR/USD – One final hurdle?

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