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Week Ahead: Fed’s inflation calm is about to get tested

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Market Insights Podcast (Episode 185)

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Canadian dollar rallies on robust jobs report, US Producer Inflation is here

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Commodities and Cryptos: Oil drops, Gold stumbles as yields rise, Bitcoin higher

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The Week Ahead: Divergence Trade

EURUSD struggles amid lockdowns A pullback of the US dollar has given the euro some breathing room but economic divergence may keep the latter under pressure for a while. A string of upbeat US data has helped shift sentiment in favor of the greenback. In […]

StockWatch: GM Price Surge as Plants Close

General​ Motors​ is temporarily shutting down more auto plants, due to a global chip shortage. The company announced it would shut production at two US​ plants and this has caused supplies of vehicles at #dealerships​ to get extremely tight. Ferrari​ has seen a fall in […]

EURUSD Impulsive Structure Hints At New Heights

The EURUSD formation shows a bullish impulse, with the bearish correction ④ being completed. This took the form of a double (W)-(X)-(Y) zigzag. At the time of writing, the market is building the initial part of the primary wave ⑤, which is likely to have […]

Does the US Have a New Policy on Oil Prices?

There is always tension between suppliers and consumers of any product. But, when they are national strategic assets like oil, that tension takes on an extra dimension. The US has a particularly unique position in that face-off, being both the world’s largest producer of petroleum […]

Germany heading for contraction, FTSE pauses for breath

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WTI dips, gold remains vulnerable

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