PC and PG Matter More than Content at Google

Transparency and directness – I have always been a pretty passionate guy, especially at Waze. After the acquisition, I was invited to speak on many different Google panels and events and very quickly, I began racking up my HR complaints. I used a four letter […]

The two China policies

The Economist has an article showing a dramatic difference in economic growth between northern and southern China: There has been some migration to southern China, but nowhere near enough to fully explain this divergence. The southern provinces really have done better, even in per capita […]

The Invisible Order of the Black Family: Part 2

Part 2: “Swapping” as an Entrepreneurial Response to Poverty (Read Part 1 here.) The central response to poverty observed by Carol Stack in All Our Kin was the formation of kin networks based on de facto acts of motherhood and the willingness of fathers to […]

USD/CAD – Heading For a Correction?

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Market Insights Podcast (Episode 169)

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Week Ahead – Rising yields spook markets

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Higher US yields send Aussie sliding

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A wild end to the week

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Oil dips, gold slide continues

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So many headless chickens

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