Affordable Care Act

Healthcare Triage Podcast: Covid Longhaulers and the Value of Online Conversation

In this episode, Dr. Natalie Lambert talks with Dr. Aaron Carroll about her research on COVID-19 long haulers, who experience symptoms for weeks or months after their initial diagnosis. They discuss COVID topics that are being overlooked in the media, and why online forums can […]

Aduhelm is FDA Approved for Alzheimer’s, But Does it Work?

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease that affects millions of people in the US alone, so there was a lot of excitement about recent news headlines of a drug approved to treat the disease. However, the approval was met with an outcry from several medical experts. […]

Cancer Journal: A Soldier of the Great War

We construct life stories to present ourselves to the world, and the narratives we choose matter. A cancer memoir, like this one, tells a life story. So how does cancer figure in mine? Part of the normative cultural frame for cancer memoirs is that cancer […]

Do Dates and Raspberry Leaf Tea Ease Labor and Delivery?

Pregnancy comes with a lot of advice concerning everything from how to determine the sex of the baby to how to ease both pregnancy symptoms and the oft-dreaded task of labor and delivery. Most of these stand on little to no evidence, but some are […]

What’s Happening with Medicare Advantage and Why it Matters

Tasha McAbee (@tasha_mcabee) is an MPH student at Boston University School of Public Health. For over 50 years, Medicare has provided affordable health insurance to hundreds of millions of people. At present, almost 62 million individuals depend on the public program to help cover the […]

How Changing Section 230 Could Disrupt Insurance Markets

In recent years, a diverse cross-section of advocates and politicians have leveled criticisms at Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and its grant of legal immunity to interactive computer services. Proposed legislative changes to the law have been put forward by both Republicans and […]

Congress Should Not Grant the FTC Untrammeled Authority to Obtain Monetary Relief

The U.S. House this week passed H.R. 2668, the Consumer Protection and Recovery Act (CPRA), which authorizes the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to seek monetary relief in federal courts for injunctions brought under Section 13(b) of the Federal Trade Commission Act. Potential relief under the […]

For Scotch Whisky, Age Is Just A Number

For a potential entrepreneur, just how much time it will take to compete, and the barrier to entry that time represents, will vary greatly depending on the market he or she wishes to enter. A would-be competitor to the likes of Subway, for example, might […]

The Klobuchar Bill’s Not-So-Bright Lines for Antitrust Scrutiny

In a recent op-ed, Robert Bork Jr. laments the Biden administration’s drive to jettison the Consumer Welfare Standard that has formed nearly half a century of antitrust jurisprudence. The move can be seen in the near-revolution at the Federal Trade Commission, in the president’s executive […]

Antitrust Statutorification

[TOTM: The following is part of a symposium by TOTM guests and authors marking the release of Nicolas Petit’s “Big Tech and the Digital Economy: The Moligopoly Scenario.” The entire series of posts is available here.This post is authored by Nicolas Petit himself, the Joint […]