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We’re Hiring A Part-Time Copy Editor/Fact-Checker

Accuracy, rigor and clarity are core values here at FiveThirtyEight, and we’re looking for someone who shares them. FiveThirtyEight is hiring a part-time copy editor and fact-checker to join its copy desk and help ensure that our stories, charts, videos and interactive graphics meet the […]

Five Things The COVID-19 Bill Revealed About How Washington Will Work In The Biden Era

President Biden will soon sign into law a $1.9 trillion bill intended to boost the economy and help the U.S. deal with the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic. It’s only the second bill Biden has signed into law and likely to be one of […]

How White House Economists Are Thinking About COVID-19 Relief

In this episode of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, host Galen Druke speaks with Heather Boushey, a member of the Council of Economic Advisers, on the rationale behind the American Rescue Plan. Original Article

How Fast Is The Economy Recovering?

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The Economy Is A Mess. So Why Isn’t The Stock Market?

We’ve said it before: The stock market is not the economy. Usually, this simply means that fluctuations in the markets may have little to no real bearing on the underlying realities we think of as making up the economy. Or that there are many important […]

Virtual Church Services Mean More Work For This Audio Engineer

As the nation seeks to rebound from the economic wreckage caused by the novel coronavirus, millions of Americans are looking for jobs. But some will be trying to maintain the momentum of the extra work they’ve picked up over the past few months. K Yamada, […]

What Economists Fear Most During This Recovery

As states push forward in their phased reopenings, we’re getting clues that the beleaguered U.S economy might be on its way to recovery. Retail sales spiked by 17.7 percent in May, and the unemployment rate unexpectedly dropped in that month as well — suggesting that […]

In 2008, Everyone Thought The Recession Was Bad. But in 2020, Many Americans’ Views Depend On Their Party.

The U.S. economy is objectively awful right now. The unemployment rate is at levels not seen since the Great Depression and this quarter’s decline in gross domestic product is expected to be the worst on record. Most economists believe it will take years to recover […]

The Unemployment Rate Is Falling, But More People Are Losing Their Jobs Permanently

These days, reading the monthly jobs report can feel like opening a time capsule. According to the data for June, which was released today, the recovery from the COVID-19 recession was still chugging along as of the middle of last month, when the two surveys […]

Voters Who Think The Economy Is The Country’s Biggest Problem Are Pretty Trumpy. That Might Not Help Him Much.

President Trump could be in trouble. A lot could still change between now and November, but historically, the strength of the economy is correlated with the electoral strength of the incumbent president, and right now, the economy doesn’t look especially good. Between mid-March and the […]